Are you a culture changer in your organization? Are you looking for ways to revive and restore your people?

I’m Petra and I’m so glad you’re here! 

Work culture is more important than ever. It is important to identify what you have, define what you want, and ignite the unique strengths of your organization for a competitive advantage.

It can be a challenge to find a capable partner that understands your culture and needs. I believe that connecting your needs and goals with an outside consultant should shine a positive light in your organization, and that a consultant should be thorough and make a custom plan just for you.

As a speaker, trainer and coach certified by best-selling author Jon Gordon and Gallup®, along with my vast experience in sales leadership, I have many resources to customize your engagement so you can overcome hurdles and reach your tangible goals.

Let’s connect to ignite your organization!

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Speaker & Trainer


Petra is part of a select team certified to speak & train on behalf of Jon Gordon, international best-selling author of The Energy Bus, Power of Positive Leadership, Power of a Positive Team and many more. 

Petra's professional career spans 20+ years in Training, Sales, Leadership and Development. She is an innovative, entrepreneurial thinker and built a thriving direct sales organization. Jon Gordon’s principles have been a guide in her personal and professional journey.

Her experiences and lessons drive her message and passion to help others in their quest for excellence.

Gallup® Strengths Consultant


Petra is certified by Gallup® in the expertise of CliftonStrengths®. She is trained to help individuals and teams align their goals with what they naturally do best, to ignite momentum to achieve their goals. She excels in areas of self-development, leadership effectiveness, team dynamics, conflict resolution, and gap analysis for team performance.

Petra’s Superpowers / Top 5 CliftonStrengths® are:

Positivity®: Brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm focused on solutions.
Strategic®: Exceptionally talented in spotting relevant patterns and creating alternate routes with a big picture vision.
Learner®: Brings a desire for continuous learning and improvement and makes the process of development exciting.
Input®: A resource collector that provides tangible tools to facilitate growth and performance
Includer®: Values engaging, equipping and elevating others for inclusion of great experiences, tools and information.

More About Petra

Sales & Entrepreneurship

1 of 35 entrepreneurs out of 15,000 to earn a coveted Legacy Award balancing team building and personal sales


leading a large and thriving direct sales organization and empowering other entrepreneurs to lead for 10+ years

Teacher's Heart

former teacher with a degree in education and current trainer for Energy Bus for Schools powered by Jon Gordon.

Best Job Ever

biggest fan for two amazing adult children with 27+ years of marriage to her favorite person

Coffee Enthusiast

strategizing over a good cup of coffee is her favorite way to connect


raised with a global perspective which shaped her optimistic spirit and compassion for others


Petra's faith is her compass in building a purposeful life and fuels her passion to serve


treasure hunting and traveling are her favorite hobbies

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