Shining a positive light and igniting people to win with their strengths


purpose finding     culture changing      team building 

Shining a positive light and igniting people to win with their strengths


purpose finding
culture changing
team building 

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Some organizations need extra energy at an event and even throughout the year.

Petra Krebbs, as a speaker and consultant, delivers positive, customized content from start to finish. 

When organizations revive and restore their people, they will see tangible outcomes.

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Petra Krebbs can work with you beginning to end to revive and restore your organization to maximize your full potential. 

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Client Testimonials and Results

She can raise the morale of an executive and their team, and she cares about people feeling good about themselves and their roles. 
- Dan, President and CEO, Arizona
Petra is a compassionate and optimistic listener and advisor.  She brings positivity, insight and clarity to help you 'reframe' challenges and create positive action. 
- Jill, Principal Consultant, Arizona  


Petra and The Energy Bus for Business Training was one of the best trainings I have ever received.  It was not just great for business, but also my life.  I feel like I am walking away as a better person.  It helped me with direction and perspective. Petra is a gem.  I could spend days learning from her!  I can't say enough about her impact.  Thank you!" 
- Lisa, Sales Representative, Michigan 


We worked with Petra to facilitate a Strengths workshop with our team. The dedication she put into the preparation, execution, and follow up is simply spectacular. She reviewed the profiles of each person and personalized the experience for needs. Her follow up and support in the months since our workshop means we always have an expert to draw from each time we have a shift within our company. Petra is a fountain of positive energy, and she spills it out onto every person she meets, and our team communication has improved because Petra has given us the tools to understand one another on a deeper level.
- Melissa, Founder & CEO, South Dakota 


Petra is a wonderful speaker, she has great energy.
– Patricia, Sales Executive, new Mexico
Petra Krebbs delivered strengths-based,  performance-oriented solutions that elevated our organization. It is truly helpful to know what drives each of us and we work more effectively as a team because of it.
– Steff, VP of Marketing, North Carolina
Thank you for reminding me that I do have a purpose, thank you for inviting me to the ride.
– Kathy, Entrepreneur, California


Petra's leadership in direct sales, business and education adds knowledge and experience on being a positive leader, communicator, and motivator!  Her passion for education, leadership, and helping others really comes through as you hear her speak.  
 - Elisa, Regional Promotions Coordinator, New Mexico
It makes good sense to work with Petra, with her direct sales and teaching background. She is very personable & knowledgeable. She cares about making a difference in others' lives and making a positive impact whenever she can."
 - Kim, Senior Director, Arizona
Petra was awesome. I was so overwhelmed at home the day of the meeting and really wasn't looking forward to coming, but my goodness I am so glad I came!  She touched on so many areas and ideas that I could relate to and implement in my life.  Petra is so energetic, positive and influencing.  So sweet! You can tell she truly cares about people and making a difference for others
- Jennifer, Business Ops, New Mexico 


Petra's energy is amazing.  She was able to remind me to have fun in my daily work and in my life. 
- Lisa, Executive Admin, New Mexico


Petra Krebbs has a gift. Her servant mentality allows her to pour into those that she works with in a way I have never seen. Her first impression is that she truly cares about your company and wants to make a difference. Her education with Strength Finders and her background as a Jon Gordon speaker, allow her to see things in a completely different way than most trainers. I believe you can learn from everyone but with Petra...I just wanted to take notes for days.
- Amy, Sales and Development Director, California


Petra was awesome.  She is personable and relatable.  Her energy is contagious.  She stays on task while still allowing plenty of time for discussion and interaction.  I highly recommend anyone working with her
- Tina, Entrepreneur, Michigan


Petra would be a tremendous asset to any organization, any seminar, convention or function.  She inspired me to possibility thinking and a growth mindset. Petra's gift at identifying unique strengths and speaking life into people based upon those strengths, makes her a dynamic speaker and a magnet for connection.
- Michele, Stylist and Team Leader, New Mexico

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